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‘Fear of Faith’ by Tyrant (Official) – This Weeks Find Your MUSE Feature

Coming at you from Lansing, MI this feature is out just in time to introduce you to this amazing band right before they hit the Pittsburgh, PA scene for a show March 13th at Cattivo – Tyrant | 3/13 at Cattivo

With influences such as Metallica, Rush, and Lamb of God, you get a pretty good idea of the old school sound Tyrant brings but they add their own twist. From driving beats and riffs for days to a more mild yet soaring breakdown that shows a diversity, ‘Fear of Faith’ keeps your attention from the beginning. With a touch of Candle Mass the vocals weave through the musical harmony into what could be dissonance but rather finds a path to call out while standing on their own – much like a voice in a storm directing you onward. With imagery that brings to mind religion and death, this song and video truly capture the essence of ‘Fear of Faith‘ being “….an ode to people wanting to live their life on their own terms, without fear of some after-life punishment.”

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Jana Lee Macheca

Jana Lee Macheca (aka Lady Jaye) is the owner and editor of First Angel Media as well as professional photographer and writer. Having worked in national and local levels of music media her goal is to provide professional coverage for bands of all levels.

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