M.U.S.E.UncategorizedFind Your MUSE: Everyone Hates Everything “Desolate is a Dark Place to Be”

Anthony McDonoughSeptember 25, 2020

Hey guys, so with everything that’s been transpiring lately. you ready for something heavy? Something to help get that aggression out? To go to that dark place and slam your head and fists about? Everyone Hates Everything is here to deliver with their single “Desolate is a Dark Place to Be”, from their debut album, and it is definitely the cure for what ails you. It will melt your face off and give you all the reason you need to rage out. Which I think we all need that right about now!!

You can check out more from Everyone Hates Everything on their official Facebook, Bandcamp, and Youtube. For now we bring you “Desolate is a Dark Place to Be”: