M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: Emzy Enzy – Symphony of the Broken Machine(Official Music Video)

Anthony McDonoughSeptember 17, 2021

Emzy Enzy is an experimental industrial metal band, and they are here to present to you the companion piece to “Broken Machine Blues” known as “Symphony of the Broken Machine”.

A raucous and intense affair, this song kicks off hard and keeps it going until the very end. The video shows the band as they perform the song on stage, along with some various antics they get into along the way. The camera is literally shaking from the cacophony of beats that this song contains. It leads to a roaring breakdown that if you aren’t already head banging by that point, you will find yourself moved to do so.

They are currently working on two albums, Krem which will be industrial metal. The second album is Beezlebourbon which will be have a dark jazz noir sound to it. They plan to release one song from each a month until the albums are complete.

If you liked what you heard, you can check out more from Emzy Enzy via their official website, Spotify, Twitter, and Youtube.