ArticlesFind Your MUSE: Dying Oath – Ascenscion

Anthony McDonoughMarch 17, 2023

Female fronted metalcore band Dying Oath recently released their 4th single “Ascension”, and it absolutely crushes.

The song immediately starts off with heavy guitar riffs, and heavy artillery drum beat. The lead vocalist Mindy Jackson boasts death growls and venomous vocals that add to the energy of the song. The song is meant as a warcry to those who been through abuse and find that they cannot escape it. There is way out, a way to rise above it, and that is the message within. The video shows the band performing the song with scenes of a woman who is going through her own battle and shows how she escapes it.

This was really powerful with the message that it had as well as the energy within. Metalheads will really dig this one, and I was left very very pleased.

You can discover more from Dying Oath via their official website, Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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