M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: Dead Animal Assembly Plant – A Violent Breed(Official Video)

Anthony McDonoughJanuary 15, 2021

Dead Animal Assembly Plant makes no qualms about what they are about with their latest video for their single “A Violent Breed”. Violence begets violence is the message here, and it’s all presented in a horror movie fashion. The vocalizations and the guitar work contribute to a song that absolutely rocks, and make you want to bang your head and mosh around.

I loved the makeup and creature design in this as we watch the story play out of a man possibly a politician being brought to trial and being judged by a television that shows him his various misdeeds. His is then led outside procession style and executed, and with the closing refrain “It is time for war!”

Someone stated the other day that industrial music has prepared us all along for this moment as bands in this genres have always been outspoken about how monstrous the human race has been, and we are all seeing that lately. We commit atrocities against each other, and try to find ways to excuse that. And we think we can never be held accountable for our actions. Now that is being proven that is not the case.

I definitely recommend checking this out, I was first introduced to Dead Animal Assembly Plant at a live show in 2019 when they played at Howlers alongside Only Flesh and The Destruct Principle. and I was completely blown away by their performance. I became an instant fan, and I am certain you may become one as well.


This is the first single from forthcoming album “Bring Out The Dead” via Armalyte Industries and that will be available as well as their other releases at their official Bandcamp. You can follow Dead Animal Assembly Plant on Facebook and Youtube.

You can also follow Armalyte Industries on Facebook, Youtube, and Bandcamp.