M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: Cultus Black – Lorelei

Anthony McDonoughApril 28, 2023

Cultus Black who just concluded their run on the Static-X Rise of the Machines tour recently released a new music video for their single “Lorelei”. This serves as an introduction to this enigmatic band and what their style is about.

Drums kick in as the song begins, quickly joined by intense guitars and melodies. The song tells a gothic tale regarding Lorelei who in mythology is a siren of immense beauty whose songs lead sailors to their doom. The video displays the band performing the music accompanied by haunting images. I do enjoy bands who take the time to build a story within a particular song as well as having a lot of lore surrounding the band itself. I enjoyed this and I feel many will appreciate this as well. I did get the opportunity to catch them live and their stage performance is something that just has to be witnessed. I became a fan fairly quickly as a lot of what they are about aligns with my musical tastes.

The single comes from their self titled debut album which you can purchase here.

You can check out more from Cultus Black via their official website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and Instagram.