M.U.S.E.UncategorizedFind Your MUSE: Caynug – Wet Skin

Anthony McDonoughOctober 23, 2020

Today, we delve into something that is metal, but is more dreamy, something more on the soothing side of things. The latest single “Wet Skin” from Caynug with animations done by an Instagram artist Alexandra Hotz shows us a woman driving down the road and ends up abducted by aliens. What is amazing the most is the music is composed by an one man band.

The song speaks of touch, something that we all been missing out on because of the pandemic. I am sure many of us would sell our soul just to touch again. Both the video and song are poignant in that regard.

Check out the video for “Wet Skin”, and if you like what you hear, you can stream it here. You can also discover more of their music on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Youtube.