M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: Bullet to the Heart: Black Widow(Official Music Video)

Anthony McDonoughSeptember 2, 2022

September is here, which means spooky season has begun! That also means from now until end of October, you can expect MUSE to get a bit darker for the most part. And to kick us off, we have the new single from Bullet To The Heart called “Black Widow”.

The song has some sick riffs throughout with the lead vocalist showing off her beautiful voice delivery. She also plays the role of the femme fatale in the video, luring innocent men to their deaths. The breakdown in the midst of the song gets you headbanging along. It all ends on a high note, leaving you feeling pumped and ready to seize the day. This appealed to both the metal and goth kid inside of me, and I feel most of you will end up caught in the web as well!

If you want to grab the single to add to your playlist, you can do so here.

You can check more from Bullet to the Heart via Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and their official Patreon.