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Anthony McDonough2 weeks ago122 min

“Is it just me or is it just getting crazier out there?” A line from Arthur Fleck in the Joker movie, and I feel is more and more fitting as the year draws to a close. It is feeling apocalyptical lately, and something that ia well represented in stark terms by Batavia in this video for their single “Scab Mask”. With hard hitting industrial beats, this song speaks of how we are fighting each other for no other reason than to prove who is right, when in reality both sides are wrong. We fool ourselves into thinking we are fighting for thr greater good, when instead we are fighting to perpetuate the greater evil. Violence begets violence, and before long, we will be powerless to watch as the world burns down before our very eyes. There is a message in the lyrics, and something I felt needed to be heard and hopefully taken to heart.

If you like what you heard here, and would like to hear more, you can check out more from Batavia on their official Bandcamp, and Facebook!!

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