Find Your MUSE(ic)Find Your MUSE: After The Fall – Shut The World Out(Official Video)

Anthony McDonough2 months ago104 min

Here we have the latest rocker from After The Fall for their single “Shut The World Out”!! I am sure by now, especially with everything going on after the election and with covid cases rising higher and higher, we all feel the need to just shut down and forget it all. But as the lyrics describe, if we do that, then how can positivity and love prevail. As downtrodden as you may feel, this is the time more than ever to fight back against the state of our world. This is our time to turn the corner, and show hatr will not win!!

I find it interesting that songs with social/political commentary are popping up more than they ever have, and are trying yo spread a positive message. With nothing else that seems to be able to give hope, at least we have music such as this to rely on to help instill hope, to helo give us that motivation to fight. To help inspire us to be better. For us to just not lie down and take it, but to rise up, with our fists in the air as we beat back against the masses that spew hate and division everywhere they go.

If you like what you heard here, be sure to check out their latest EP “Welcome to the New S.A.” which was released via RFL Records on November 6th. You can purchase it here.

You can check out more from After The Fall on Facebook, Reverbnation, and Spotify!

You can also see more from RFL Records on their official website, Facebook, and Youtube!

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