Music ReviewsVideosFilter Just Dropped A New Video – “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS”

Anthony McDonoughJune 18, 2020

Filter is no stranger to politically charged music, for example their most famous song “Hey Man, Nice Shot”. The band was formed as an industrial metal band in 1993 by Richard Patrick, who is the brother of the actor Robert Patrick, and they released 7 albums the last one being in 2016. Their music was developed to make a statement, and they gained quite a popular following, with the debut album Short Bus being the album that put them on the map.

Since 2016, the band has been quiet, and Richard Patrick was concentrating on side projects of his. But you knew with events happening as they were in 2020, he would have something to say about it, and it just was a matter of how and when. So imagine everyone’s surprise when Filter quietly released a music video today for a new single called “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS”. Also, they announced a new album to be released in 2020 called Murica. With a title like that, you can imagine this may be their most political record to date.

The video itself as well as the lyrics themselves are very thought provoking, and help paint a stark picture of the current state of our world. A bloodied Richard Patrick, donning a gas mask, and holding a gun sings behind a back drop of marching police, nuclear explosions, and violent attacks of cops against the people. If you couldn’t guess by the title, the theme of the song is about violence in the world, and how everyone has the standard response of thoughts and prayers, and how it does nothing to stop the hate that is being committed. The chorus of the song says it all, and it goes like this

“Thoughts and prayers, posts and shares, I’m bleeding out of open wounds another day that no one cares”

If that doesn’t say the message right there, I don’t know what will. Definitely recommend checking it out as it is that relevant to everything that is happening in our world right now.