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Kylie Thomas3 weeks ago764 min

While quarantine may be miserable for some, it can become a creative force for others. For South African pop artist Filipa, it was the perfect inspiration for her new single, “Do Something”.

The song released on Aug. 28 and is a slow tempo, pop-ballad filled with emotion and longing. The lyrics describe a girl waiting for someone to make a move romantically instead of being stuck in limbo. “I’m not going to be wasting my time/waiting for you to make up your mind,” sings Filipa. Not only is it a good description of that awkward, waiting stage in a forming relationship, but it’s also reflective of how everyone felt during quarantine. People weren’t able to communicate with others besides on their phone, which causes messy communication and confusion. Filipa is saying what all people wish they could, being completely upfront and unapologetic with her words. 

Filipa’s smooth yet powerful vocals are backed up by hints of Latin guitar and synth melodies. The main melody is so catchy that it sticks in one’s head on repeat. Filipa’s voice is unique and delivers an empowering performance for women everywhere. “Do Something” is easily a song that could sky-rocket to the top of the charts and become a pop anthem. It even has the potential to be a trending song on TikTok

Besides the incredible musical aspect of the song, Filipa even filmed a music video on her iPhone during the lockdown. The music video consists of multiple angled shots of Filipa, singing “Do Something” while alone in her house. It only emphasizes the impatience of the song and the feeling of longing and waiting that it brings along. For being filmed on a phone, the quality is crystal clear and produces a captivating video. 

Filipa may have gotten her start from winning a cover song contest, but she’s now making a name for herself. She’s creating stunning songs in her own style as she presents who she is to the world. For raw, emotional, true-life music, listen to Filipa and give her music a chance to “Do Something”. 

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