Music ReviewsFeast on the Fallen is killing it!

Maria MichelleOctober 5, 2020

Feast of the Fallen is back on the Pittsburgh Zombie-core scene with their E.P, S.C.A. and the release of their single “Wastemorland”!

The teaser for the five track album was released on the 14th and had all of us Feast fans famined for more. I was personally first introduced to Feast when they performed for the Depression: The Nightmare Before Christmas, a benefit show that I attended with First Angel Media in December, 2019. I became instantly intoxicated with their sound while watching them perform “Killing Intent”. I was even more intrigued by their demeanor once I got a chance to talk to Kareem Maize and Randy Cole, of Feast. They were extremely friendly and you can tell that their music is made with intent and a rawness. Feast on the Fallen is one of those bands that you listen to no matter what mood you’re in or want to be in. My inclination for their sound has definitely been festering this past almost year. So when I heard about their new releases, pumped was an understatement. The teaser for their new single “Wastemoreland”, the first full track from their upcoming E.P; was released on the 21st, just a week after the S.C.A. teaser we were given a taste of the mouth full that S.C.A. has in store for us. The single was released October second, giving us all something to feast on while we wait for the the new E.P, S.C.A., which is set to be released on October 30th. Feast is has been busy and preparing for a vehement delivery on the new releases with their new sign on with Brutal Business Entertainment. As a Feast fan myself, I am definitely looking forward to what this sign on means for the band!

Now let’s dig into this single. The teaser released on the 21st only gave us a short 30 second sneak peak, but
it was more than enough to get us all stoked for what the single had in store for us on October second! “Wastemoreland” starts out switching between a high pitch ringing with a black and white broadcast screen from Fallout 4 and a screen of straight static, tying in with the title of the track and giving the aesthetic a very post apocolyptic energy. Axeman. Steve Zanavich, and Drummer, Pat Kuntz, start us off with a brutal intro riff while a black screen and a FeastĀ  on the Fallen logo broadcast flash to the beat. The band wastes no time on feeding us what we have been ravenous for, and the song explodes into an upbeat tempo with vocalist, Randy Cole, growling violently with in the first thirty seconds! You feel the passion pick up as the track progresses and the chorus gives us some incredible drumming, along with Randy reminding us how worthless we are. Two minutes in, the track sounds like it is about to calm down but the guys continue to go hard again five seconds later, slightly teasing our auditory perception before Randy performs some viscous gutterals that get your blood rushing. The tempo then starts to slow down at about 2:25, and he growls deep from within; his voice in combination with the guitar playing proves to be the best way to end the track right before we sign off with the same retro static screen that played us in.

Though “Wastemoreland” is just one track of the Feast on the Fallen‘s new E.P it has definitely proven to be the perfect choice for the band’s new single release! The remaining tracks of S.C.A., to be released on October 30th, are sure to impress us Feast fans just as much and still leave us hungry for more! It is safe to say that Feast on the Fallen is still killing it since releasing their last E.P, No Saviors and I will continue looking forward to supporting them and their well earned growth!