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Patrick McElravy6 months ago4674 min

So we have quite the surprise for all of you from First Angel Media. Today, we unleash a fantastic and haunting cover of The Cranberries’ hit song “Zombie” performed by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rockers amplifiers. Amplifiers. have been working their way up the ranks of the Pittsburgh scene for quite some time now, wooing audiences with their graceful brand of post rock and captivating light show. While on the surface it seems odd for a band like amplifiers. to cover such a track, at it’s very core everything makes sense sonically, it was something that needed done.

Amplifiers are no strangers to the sonic landscape of apocalyptic melodies and melancholy beauty. They thrive on a sound that is uniquely captured between the world’s of Oceanic by Post Rock titans ISIS and the haunting aesthetic of Saturday Night Wrist by the Deftones. There is a soothing, yet somehow abrasive collision of emotions heard on Amplifiers’ rendition of “Zombie”, almost like a poltergeist sitting idly in the corner during a bout of sleep paralysis. Everything on “Zombie” hits right in the pocket, with the post-apocalyptic cadences well intact, while the band utilize and expand upon the track with their sonic palette. This is further encompassed with singer/guitarist Si Lewis’s desperate and emotional vocal performance, bringing forth a more urgent distress to this already great rendition of The Cranberries’ classic hit.

Amplifiers have been busy building their already solid foundation; with the release of this stellar cover and working toward the completion of their sophomore album, the future is shining bright for Amplifiers. Be sure to catch Amplifiers return to the stage in 2020 at Howlers on February 22nd and follow them on all of their social media platforms. Amplifiers are bridging the gap between the sonically ethereal and modern alternative rock. I highly suggest you take notice as this band begins to spread their wings in 2020.

Patrick McElravy

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