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13 Saints played the stage of Excusapalooza on August 11th 2018 at Excuses

     Hey – You! Have you heard of ExcusaPalooza? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t… Maybe you should. Held at Excuses Bar and grill (hence the name of the event) this is a full day of Pittsburgh area music that has a heart behind it!


     If you haven’t before, you’re going to now because it’s an awesome event that has been going on for four years, the last two of which have benefited the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. Organized by Bobby Collins ( of the band Royal Honey), this event raised over $3,000 in 2017 with another $1,000 in donated goods and from what I’m hearing about this past weekend’s event, there’s no end in sight of where they’re going to go. Their funds are raised from the cover charge, sales of shirts, sponsorship and such. The most recent one happened just this past   Saturday with a long list of bands that played for the full day to help out a great cause!! 


Michelle Ann Hammel unveiled her art project which included items donated by many artists in the Pittsburgh area 

    First Angel Media’s photographer Jeff Poole stopped by the day long festivities and caught some action from 13 Saints, the always charismatic and energetic original power pop band that pulls together rock and punk sounds, along with the aggressive metal of Motorpsychos. These guys put on a mean show and keep the crowd on their toes!! Never a dull moment with 13 Saints or Motorpsychos!!  I’m told they were both a perfect fit with the energy of the crowd that was there and on Monday people were still riding the wave of emotion from such a huge crowd, with people popping in and out all day or sticking it out the whole time. An artwork display by Michelle Ann Hammel  was raffled off to help raise funds and present at the show were Bobby Collins, organizer of Excusapalooza IV, Nicole Molinaro Karaczun, CEO of the Women’s Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, and George                                                                                            Pantelas, owner of Excuses, where the event was held. 


     A great cause and a terrific reason to find out more about this event so you can check it out the next time it rolls around!!       

Full list of acts from the day:                                                                        


Bobby Collins, organizer of Excusapalooza IV, Nicole Molinaro Karaczun, CEO of the Women’s Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, and George Pantelas, owner of Excuses  

12-1230 Betti Coates 
1245-115 Bobby Lamonde
130-2 The Molecule Party
215-255 Neostem
310-350 Those Gorgeous Bastards
405-445 Joffo’s All Star Band
5-540 Three Chord Money
555-635 13 Saints
635 to 7 (early drawings, etc)
7-740 The Motorpsychos
755-835 Lize
850-930 The Legendary Hucklebucks
945-1025 Royal Honey
1040-1120 The Cheats
1135-1215 The Dirty Charms
1230-110 Stone Cold Killer


Band photos credit: Jeff Poole of Jeff Poole Photography











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