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Emzy Enzy Collabs with Blood of the Beloved in the Intense Metal Single “I Want All My Garmonbozia”

Music is one of the greatest reflections of society through the ages and can be used to perceive societal trends at the time of release. This much is true for the experimental industrial-metal band, Emzy Enzy, with their new track “I Want All My Garmonbozia” featuring Blood of the Beloved.

“I Want All My Garmonbozia” is the second official release from First Angel Media’s new label, Solunar Records. The dark track follows the release of Caleb Straus and Felicia Patterson’s “Eclipse.”

Emzy Enzy

The single is for the band’s upcoming album Krem. The track explores human addictions and connections to pain, deeply inspired by the mystery TV show Twin Peaks. Singer/songwriter Leejun wrote the song as a way to show his artistic appreciation for show creator, David Lynch. But he also uses the song to deep-dive into how the world practically glorifies agony.

In the show, Garmonbozia is a creamed corn-looking dish that is representative of human pain and suffering which dark spirits would feast on. Here Emzy Enzy uses the metaphor of Garmonbozia to assess how humanity is obsessed with things that cause them to suffer, especially with the tension surrounding the pandemic.

Not only is the song unique in its lyrical nature but in its musicality as well. “I Want All My Garmonbozia” starts with electronic synths that are robotic-sounding to whisk the listener away to the aesthetic of Twin Peaks. The synths quickly turn into a pool of intense moving riffs and drum hits topped by aching screams. It’s easily seen that this track is unlike anything heard before with several different musical elements that encapsulate the listener into a world of torment and wrath.

Blood of the Beloved

Duo Blood of the Beloved is featured on the track and provides their true outlook on social media and suffering with their section. Their part of the song lends perfectly to the brutality that Emzy Enzy has led the listener through up until this point. The duo explores how social media has given society a platform where dissent and argumentation are actually encouraged. Rather than respecting another’s opinion, people are urged to fight for the victory of their own opinion.

The entire song carries an urgent intensity that pushes listeners to feel the anger portrayed by the band. Throughout the track, there’s this rush of tempo from the complex double bass drum hits and consistently delivered lyrics. This gets the band’s point of pain addiction across immediately as the pressure of the deep guitar and bass riffs press onto the listener. It resembles suffering in the best sort of way and creates a personal addiction to the chaos that unfolds as you listen.

Emzy Enzy produces a fresh take to the metal scene with “I Want All My Garmonbozia.” A song filled with a variety of talented musicians that creates an intricate sound combining worlds of metal and other genres. Fans of the song can watch for a joint interview between Emzy Enzy and Blood of the Beloved on January 7 on BTMXThe Underground Show.