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Patrick McElravy6 months ago2785 min

One of my favorite things about my job at First Angel Media is the little gems I get handed along the way. With the way the market is nowadays, it’s all too common that bands with stellar music come out of the gate with strong material, but somehow manage to slip through the cracks and go unheard due to the oversaturated market or maybe even lack of business skills. We all know what’s popular and up-and-coming, but it’s always nice to find those hidden diamonds in the rough. Enter Canadian one man groove machine Electronic ChaosNobody Gives A Shit.

Nobody Gives A Shit simply put, is a schizophrenic affair. It is pissed off, manic, short, sweet, and right to the point. Another endearing fact about this EP is that while it packs all the rage of a pissed off grizzly bear, it still manages to be very tongue-in-cheek and not take itself too seriously. Electronic Chaos finds itself somewhere in the industrial mania of Coal Chamber and Static-X, while dabbling in groove of Lamb of God for a good measure and the results are quite entertaining. While the music is fairly run of the mill, it is Electronic Chaos’ brainchild Alex Savage’s stellar vocal performance that steals the show here. With his twisted and distorted vocal fry and death metal guttural growls, he adds a much needed spice to the chaos with his strong delivery and dominant execution. While the album sounds like an in-house mix and master, everything is tight and punchy while managing to toss the listener out the door like Jazzy Jeff on an episode The Fresh Prince of Bellaire. Raw and edgy, Nobody Gives A Shit provides the listener with enough content to keep them coming back while not over staying its welcome.

Opening track “Nothing Wrong” perfectly demonstrates what to expect for the album’s duration. Hard-hitting groove riffs are backed by grimey programmed drums, while vocals lead the charge and Electronic Chaos doesn’t seem to mind bringing the pain. Despite the album’s rather odd structure, everything here manages to flow nicely and remain catchy. Closing track “All 6:66 Minutes of Nobody Gives a Shit” closes the album out on a rather humorous note, simply being the entire EP melded together into one track. Tedious and over indulgent? Maybe. But that’s the magic of this EP; the fun is over before you know it and you can’t help but smash the replay button.

I quite enjoyed this little monster of an EP. Despite its short run time, it manages to pick you up and body slam you on the proverbial concrete with a devilish little smile on its face. While I would have liked to hear some more variation musically, Electronic Chaos manages to embrace its strengths and utilize them quite efficiently and well…..not give a shit what anyone else thinks. I look forward to the next installment in the Electronic Chaos catalog, because quite frankly Nobody Gives A Shit managed to make me “give a shit”.

Patrick McElravy

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