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Music is a flexible art format. There are many different sounds to make, melodies to sing, and lyrics to perfect. Though, it seems our world of harmonies has fallen flat as most music follows the same pattern and everything sounds the same. In a world of no variation is where an artist like Eilera prevails.

Eilera is a French music artist. She started off her journey into music by combining Celtic music and other genres along with heavy metal and heavy rock. She was a pioneer for women in music and has become a figure of empowerment in the world of heavy rock across the seas. She was the first female artist to internationally sign with Spinefarm Records in Finland. Her music represents a huge step forward for women working in the industry. She proceeded to release four albums filled with heavy guitars and drums along with Celtic undertones to create a new sound within the rock genre. She transformed metal music to expand the known definition of metal into something new.

Now, Eilera has recently released her fifth album, “Waves”, on Mar. 6th. With this new album, she introduces a new way of thinking, a new start, and a new genre. She considers this album to be her new story after her burn out. She uses the album as a chance to beat down the ever growing feelings of greed around the world and to bring peace to it through the feeling of the ocean.

Unlike Eilera’s previous albums, “Waves” isn’t heavy metal, it falls into the folk-rock genre and explores a side of Eilera that fans haven’t seen before, a side which has been aching to be heard. The Celtic undertones have now become a main component of the sound. Her thick accent and strings along with soft drums fill the air and transport listeners back in time to old school Celtic folk songs. Though, unlike classic folk songs, these songs blend electronic and rock music into the mix, creating a modern folk-rock sound. It’s almost strange how beautiful the rock guitar solos fit into the light-hearted strings and soft but powerful vocals. The new sound adds beauty to the wrenching journey which is being overcome throughout the album.

“Waves” starts off with classic Celtic folk music, introducing the setting for the rest of the album. It has hints of the Greensleeves melody to it and combines foreign male voices with whistles, accordions, and other strings. From there on, it’s all Eilera, spilling her classical yet modern voice through the speakers. Even though all of the music has classical Celtic elements, it somehow feels modern. The album is timeless, it doesn’t age. Someone could listen to the album 40 years ago and it would be as relevant as it is today. Even the songs which are in French are easily understood by those who don’t know French just from the tone and melodies. Her music truly mends worlds together and brings to life the feeling of warmth and healing.

Not only is the musical aspect of the album ethereal but so are the lyrics. Eilera’s words are ones that are needed in a world like today’s. She speaks of healing over a world that is falling apart, trying to mend things back together when it feels like the world is ending. Eilera speaks beauty in a time of crisis through beautiful music. In her song “Soulmate” especially, Eilera carries on the theme of healing and moving forward. She sings, “Water’s run under the bridges, following the circle of life//is back to me now, I’m no longer stepping back.” She gives embodies the feeling of strength through her voice and very careful choice of articulation. Her articulation seems to be what makes the audience feel every word deeply and whole-heartedly.

Eilera truly a force to be reckoned with. She knows how to bring every element of her songs together to create a striking blend. Even though she’s changed her sound, she hasn’t changed her heart nor the beauty of her music. She still brings a different modern genre unlike the other modern music of today. She presents a solution to the pain caused by different elements of the world. Her voice is used as a healing cream and the guitars, strings, drums, and other instruments are the bandaid. She brings passion to every note she sings that transports the listener to a place they’ve never been before. Needless to say, Eilera’s new album, “Waves”, goes far beyond expectations and warms the cold center of the world today.

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