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Patrick McElravy6 months ago2947 min

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based rap/metal duo East Koast Craziez are back at it again with the release of their upcoming Ep “Mudpit Monsters”. With their spastic energy and murderous intent, the duo plan to devour all those who dare step in their path with their horror tinged brand of hip hop.

Mudpit Monsters is a gruesome affair within realm of the horrorcore genre. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but those acquainted with the genre are sure to have this on repeat. There’s a dirge in the atmosphere of the Ep that slithers and crawls as it engulfs the senses like a victim amidst the zombie apocalypse. Its dirty and gritty, which lends itself to the overall of the appeal of what the East Koast Craziez bring to the table. Their unabashed and raw nature draws you in and offers insight as to why the duo have risen to popularity in the tri-state area of Pittsburgh. The songs are catchy and brutal, with infectious hooks and vocal acrobatics that will be stuck in your head for days at a time.

Mudpit Monsters opens up with an introduction that couldn’t have been done better. Somewhat comical, yet well versed, a news reporter describes a series of events where people have gone missing due to the urban legend of “The Mudpit Monsters. “Came From” starts off as the first real track on the album. It’s a slow burner, but serves as an introduction as to who the East Koast Craziez are. With a catchy hook and eerie instrumental, “Came From” sets the listener up for what to expect for the rest of the album with its horrorcore tendancies. “Bred For Battle” turns up the level of danger, adding an almost industrial/nu metal vibe to it. Here we see the East Koast Craziez hit their stride. Visceral, catchy, and volatile……”Bred For Battle” serves as one of the stand out tracks here, providing one of strongest and dynamic vocal performances the duo offer on the album. Lead single “Making Monsters” returns to the horrorcore edge seen earlier in the Ep. The track creeps and crawls before it erupts with one of the strongest hooks the album has to offer. Labelmate Demo Demon makes a notable appearance with a rapid fire verse before returning to the final hook to close the single out. “Trashed” serves as the album’s party anthem and one of the catchier listens on Mudpit Monsters. With its dirty beat and almost sipid antics, Pittsburgh rap group Chronic Zombiez and Morbid Sikosis pile in to help create what one giant party in the depths of hell would sound like. Closing cut “Smoke It All Away” ends the album on a rather high note. Shifting gears and overall tone, the Craziez dial back the shenanigans a bit and offer a rather cathartic number versus the hell brazen horrorcore present on the album thus far. While the infamous duo are far more subdued this time around, it is featured guests Crazie Kitty and repeat offender Morbid Sikosis that really shine here and carry the track. Morbid delivers a very smooth verse and lyrics with little implications of melody to elevate his guest spot while Crazie Kitty adds the cherry on top with her sultry croon and convicting melodies during the hook to really drive it home for the win on “Smoke It All Away”.

Mudpit Monsters may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those that dig the underground overtones of hip hop and horrorcore are sure to love what the East Koast Craziez have done here. Its grimey and infectious, just the way these boys seem to like it. Ramping up to release on the 31st of December, Mudpit Monsters is a hell of a way to ring in the new year!





Patrick McElravy

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