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Suzanne DeCree4 months ago1053 min

“Donny Brook” is the latest single released by Artwork for the Blind. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Artwork for the Blind is a metal quartet whose current line-up consists of Sean Curry on lead vocals, Sol. E. Williams on guitar and backing vocals, Michael Hoehn on bass and backing vocals, and Larry Myers on drums.

They are currently in the studio finishing up their 3rd full-length album, which is, as of yet, untitled. Ahead of the impending album comes the single “Donny Brook”.

The single starts with a soliloquy that outlines the key concept behind their soon-to-be released album, “…total expression about the aggressive nature of mankind…”

Frenetic drums set the pace of this song, thereby accenting the underlying theme.

Polyrhythmic guitar riffs drive home the anxious aggression outlined in the lyrics.

Halfway through the song, the vocals again drop out for another soliloquy to cement the underpinnings of the album’s story line.

Artwork for the Blind has taken their inspiration from some of the biggest names in Metal: Black Sabbath, Pantera and Testament.  Fierce and grinding from the start, “Donny Brook” is a promising preview for Artwork for the Blind’s upcoming album.

“Donny Brook” will drop on Friday, January 31, 2020.

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