Event ReviewsDistortion Productions: Solar Fake/Whorticulture/Tragic Impulse

Anthony McDonoughSeptember 8, 2022

This past Wednesday August 31, I attended the 201st show presented by Distortion Productions which was held at Black Forge Coffee House in Mckees Rocks, PA. It was to be a pretty hype evening, with three pretty solid acts. I would say it was the best way to end August, and put a cap on a very busy summer concert season.

Tragic Impulse
Photo credit: A.L.Taylor Photography

Pittsburgh based electro-industrial band Tragic Impulse was the opening the evening, and their set was pretty explosive. If you are looking to set the bar for what was to come, they definitely succeeded in that with their performance. They also played a new track called “Wraith Legion” which is on the Kill Lock soundtrack that was recently released by the Distortion Productions label. In all, it was a very energetic performance, and had the crowd anticipating for more to come. You can also preorder the Kill Lock soundtrack here, which I highly recommend doing so.

Photo credit: A.L.Taylor Photography

Afterwards, dark electronic dance act Whorticulture took the stage with soothing vocals and catchy rhythms. What really drew the crowd’s attention was the drummer who had blue glowing drum sticks, so we got a bit of a light show to go with the performance. I thought it added some flair to what they had going on, and their set was pretty awesome as a whole.

Solar Fake
Photo credit: A.L. Taylor Photography

Then the evening ended with electro act Solar Fake taking the stage. Before the show, there were some people who were talking them up, saying their performance was one to watch out for, and I have to say, they were definitely on to something with saying that. Their set was very energetic, and had the crowd moving all the way to the end. More often than not, I will go into a performance not hearing a single song from an act, and usually end up leaving very impressed by what I heard. That was very much the case here.

In all, this hit all the right notes with me, and I ended up having yet another fun evening. If you are a fan of goth/industrial/synthwave, then you can never go wrong when it comes to a Distortion show. Their next one will be taking place on Tuesday October 4th at Black Forge Coffee, and it will feature Dichro, Nite, and Empathy Test. It starts at 8pm, and advance tickets are $20 or $25 at the door. You can purchase advance tickets here.

Thanks to A.L. Taylor Photography for the photos, you should definitely check out their page for other concert photos from around the area!

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