Event ReviewsDistortion Productions 200th Show Spectacular Review

Anthony McDonoughJuly 25, 2022

Recently, I had the privilege to attend Distortion Productions 200th show, and for those who could not attend, here is what you missed.

Once everyone got settled in, due to silver walks having to cancel their appearance because of Covid, we got an extended exclusive opening set from boxed warning. He described it as an audio-visual experience, and he was right on the money about that. Fun fact is that boxed warning co-founded the label. His performance was very synth heavy, and got everyone warmed up for what was to come.

Then Sapphira Vee took the stage for a very energetic performance that had the crowd entranced and moving. During her set, she had a visual backdrop that accompanied each song she performed. She really helped in getting the crowd pumped even more.

Afterwards, Lorelei Dreaming took the stage and entranced the crowd even more with her beats and ethereal vocal performance. Her stage lights shined in a way to make her seem like a dark goddess, and you could tell her passion for what she does. Everyone in the crowd was enthralled by what she brought to the table and she left a lasting impression with everyone.

Tragic Impulse took the stage after that to get everyone salivating for more stompy electro industrial style of music. I seen their sets in the past, and every time, they manage to get me and rest of the crowd pumped.

Finally, Red Lokust took the stage and nearly tore the roof off the place. This was first time they headlined a show as well as my first time witnessing them live. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. The band had everyone cheering for more, and more they got. Before the final song, Distortion Productions owner Jim Semonik took a moment to thank everyone for all the support throughout the years before inviting Lorelei Dreaming songstress to join them for the final song of the night.

In all, this was a show I was anticipated since it was announced, and not only did it meet all my expectations, it exceeded them. It was something special that was meant for fans of the label as well as fans of the local industrial scene. It is something that you only see once in your life, and I will emphasize it is not likely you will see a lineup like this one again in our city.

Distortion Show #201 is set to take place August 31st at Black Forge Coffee House II in McKees Rocks, PA. On that show, you will see Solar Fake, Whorticulture, and Tragic Impulse will return. Tickets are on sale now, and you can purchase those here.