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Ravyn X4 months ago667 min

” Car bomb. She had a name, She had purpose, And now it’s done.
Car bomb. She was a mother, She was someone’s lover, And now she’s gone.”
Der Prosector

Here we are in 2020. The entire planet has been in an uproar against those who seek to silence the voice of the people. Government corruption has been exposed. There’s been riots and protests virtually everywhere. You can’t even watch the news or visit any social media outlet from the comfort of your home without seeing the division. Family members disowning each other over simple differences of opinion. The planet is killing us. The powers that be desperately fighting to continue their rule over humanity. With no end to the madness in sight, who is wrong, and what is right?

In true punk/industrial fashion, Der Prosector dissects these events on it’s latest entry “Car Bomb/You’re Being Lied To”, their third release dropped on Armalyte Industries October 16th, which contains two original tracks and three remixes of “Car Bomb” by Go Fight, The Joy Thieves and Dead Agent.

Car Bomb” is a reflection of the assassination of the investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who consistently reported on government corruption by Maltese politicians. She was brutally murdered by a car bomb exactly three years prior to this release. As Ged Denton (vocals) puts it “This horrific murder symbolizes the desire of morally bankrupt politicians and their sharks to operate without additional scrutiny. It’s beyond offensive. It’s vile.”

You’re Being Lied To” touches on tons of controversial topics like immigration, flat earthers, anti-vaxxers, white supremacy, science deniers, the pandemic, and the massive spread of misinformation and never before seen ignorance. According to Ged, Jules Seifert (production) describes it as “people who actively influence these suckers, do it either for gain or just to sit back and watch the world burn.”

If you’re anything like myself, and enjoy cyberpunk, industrial, and EDM, and are a fan of bands like Rabia Sorda, BlakOPz, and Sirus, and believe facts should always be truth and corruption exposed whenever possible, then this latest Armalyte Industries release from Der Prosector is a must hear.

“She was the eyes, the ears, the mouths of the people…”
(Daphne Caruana Galizia’s sister’s words, spoken at her funeral)

The Daphne Project

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