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Patrick McElravy2 weeks ago1134 min

Turn off your radio and forget what you know about the mainstream. Follow me down into depths the of the underground, a place where many fair weather listeners not dare to tread. Today we take a preview at the infamous Demo Demon’s brand new album “Blackout-Chapter 3“.

The album “Blackout” is a purging of sorts, a look into the mind of someone who has “had it up to here” and ready to implode . Vicious and volital in delivery, Demo Demon lines the walls with his adversaries and mows them down like a firing squad one by one lyrically, track after track. The album totes high on an emotional rollercoaster, only giving the listener the chance to breathe with interludes that are carefully placed throughout the album. Production on the album is smooth, allowing for plenty of room to breathe amongst the tracks as Demo leads the listeners to the slaughter. Well written bars with almost emo-laden hooks provide the listener with a breathe of fresh before continuing the lyrical assault and dragging them back to the underground.

Key tracks amongst “Blackout” include “The Path”, “Vendetta”, “Death To All Incompetence”, and “Meet Me In Hell”. “The Path” starts the album off in the right fashion. Aggressive, yet vulnerable, Demo really bares his soul in this track and the end product will send chills down your spine. Lead single “Vendetta” opts for a more melodic approach with oriental tinged instrumentals and technical rhymes and bars with a bite you have to experience for yourself. “Death To All Incompetence” comes in like a freight chain and doesn’t let up. Featuring his Brutal Business label mates Skippy Ickum and Ghozt Tha Demented, the meshing of styles amongst the vocals really anchor the weight of this track and make it a sure fire stand out. “Meet Me In Hell” switches the pace for a bit. Very smooth and melodic pianos hold the main structure in place as Demo rips apart his victims in this epic diss track. The hook is one of the best on the album….subtle, timid, and catchy as all get out.

“Black Out-Chapter 3” is a welcome addition to an already stellar catalogue for the imfamous Demo Demon. Well written and caustic, Demo is sure to see the fruits of his labor after releasing such an album. Even if hip hop isn’t your thing, I highly recommend you go against the grain of your normal musical tastes and sink your teeth into this album. Welcome to the underground……..

Patrick McElravy

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