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Patrick McElravy9 months ago4535 min

Ever have an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? Ever wonder what it would be like if they actually worked together instead of whispering conflicting narratives in your ear? My friends I’m here to tell you that unison would sound like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based trio Dematus‘ Ep “Ghost Carnivale”.

Dematus has slowly been building a buzz for some time now and with an Ep like “Ghost Carnivale” it’s easy to see why. Forging a sound somewhere between hard rock and metalcore, the Pittsburgh trio work hard as a unit to hit the listener hard and leave their mark. Hard rock riffs akin to the band 10 years mixed with melodic metalcore (think of bands like “Still Remains” in their early beginnings) paint the picture depicted on “Ghost Carnivale”. The band doesn’t spend much time trying to wow you with technical flourishes, rather opting to create a melodic atmosphere with simple, yet effective songwriting. The vocals produced on the album are nothing short of stellar. Beautiful melodies with almost black metal tinged screams sit at the forefront and really anchor the sound Dematus has to offer.

With only 4 tracks of all killer, no filler “Ghost Carnivale” definitely leaves you wanting more. Opening track “Somewhere” does a great job of starting off the Ep. Power-chord laden riffs sprinkled with melodic licks start the track. Once the vocals kick in it’s only up from there. The chorus is larger than life with it’s well executed harmonious vocals. “November” starts off in a similar fashion, this time turning up the heavy with it’s growled vocals and start-stop riffage. Lead single “With You” is a stunning track. Simplistic in nature, yet all surrounding vibe really make this a stand out track. This track really brings out them 10 years vibes mentioned earlier. A stand out track indeed. “Trigger” closes out the Ep on a big note, being the heaviest track the band has to offer. The band kick in with some amazing dual vocal work during the chorus….offsetting the growls and melodic vocals quite nicely. The band itself pick up the pace instrumentally as well, offering some great earlier 00’s metalcore riffage to the aural assault. The bridge in “Trigger” does a great job of allowing the listener to breathe before bringing the song to an end with it’s commanding chorus.

With an Ep like “Ghost Carnivale ” I see great things happening for Dematus. With the right business moves and continuing output of great music I see them going places. Be sure to get a copy of “Ghost Carnivale” today and catch them on a stage near you. This Ep certainly gets the Rooster’s stamp of approval……


Patrick McElravy

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