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Ravyn X2 weeks ago395 min

Ded, an Alternative Metal band from Arizona, brings its newest single “Parasite” at a time when the entire planet needs to hear their message. Forming this band is Joe Cotela (vocals), David Ludlow (guitar), Kyle Koelsch (bass), and Matt Reinhard (drums). Layered throughout this latest track is references to the state of turmoil all of us currently exist in. It’s introspective, yet reflective of the current events and struggles most prominent in everyone’s mind. As we’re all battling both internally and externally for meaning, Ded comes through to challenge you to really see who you are. Are you ready to face your deepest held beliefs and find your own antidote?

Following up their debut album Mis-An-Thrope in 2017, earlier this year Ded released a two track EP, “Mannequin Eyes”, and followed that up last month with the single for “Parasite”, with the latest full-length album being slated for later this year. Comparatively, their music has become more refined, both in production quality and the message they choose to spread. As Joe Cotela describes, “The new music is about clarity through suffering, positivity through negativity, and the frustration that comes with knowing that everyone can be better than they are.”

Musically, it’s thicker, heavier, and hits harder than ever before. The production quality reflects a huge growth for the band, and the lyrical content of the most recent material has changed significantly since their first album. Rather than being angry and “anti-everything”, the yet to be released album is poised to explore even deeper where those feelings come from. As Joe describes, “I’m proud to be making music that hopefully makes people think, pulls them out of ruts or makes them feel empowered, makes them better themselves, or want to start their own band or use their own voice or express themselves in their own way.”

Available on all major platforms, “Parasite” is sure to solidify Ded’s place in the Alternative Metal/Nu Metal genres. If you’re a fan of bands like Korn, Slipknot, and Hollywood Undead, then don’t miss this upcoming release. As the Dedites eagerly await the newest album, ”Parasite” will have keep the corpses animated and satiated just a little longer. I know I’m looking forward to it.

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