Music ReviewsDeath metal horror freaks VHS explore the “Horror of Dracula”

Anthony McDonoughNovember 2, 2021

Happy Halloween everyone! In the spirit of Halloween, let’s take a band called VHS who are releasing an album based on vampires called I Heard They Suck…Blood. I love everything vampires, and I am most excited due to the fact there are songs on this album based on vampire movies such as The Lost Boys and Near Dark.

Here is what the lead vocalist/guitarist Mike Hochins had to say about the album: “There’s something romantic about black metal albums about vampires. Our album is more like the vampire who drinks the blood of a drunk metalhead and just wants to listen to riffs and headbang all night. We wanted to show off a grittier and less whimsical vampire-themed album. It’s dark, cheesy and definitely a different take on vampires. Don’t expect us to wear poofy shirts and wear top hats any time soon.”

The first single from the album is called “Horror of Dracula”, which if you recall is a Hammer Horror movie starring the legendary Christopher Lee as Dracula. The song features Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder. The song starts off with a Simpsons reference before it introduces you to heavy brutality to come. It is the perfect blend of death metal meets horror, and it will have you headbanging to the very end. The video for the single even features scenes from the movie, which you check out that out below:

I definitely am digging what I heard and for those who like all things metal and horror, you will find much to enjoy about this song. If this is an example of what the album will sound like, I will be highly looking forward to it. The album will be releasing on December 3rd via Wise Blood Records, and you can preorder it from the official VHS Bandcamp.