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Ravyn X2 weeks ago706 min

“Nothing screams horror more than real life.” – Zach Wager (vocals)

The apocalypse has begun. The world is rust. We are nothing but rot, and God has left us to decay in our ignorance. Enter: Dead Animal Assembly Plant.

Imagine Mad Max meets Marilyn Manson in a barren desert junkyard. The plague has come and gone; the government ceases to exist. The last remining survivors scavenge through the rotting carcasses, and band of warriors emerges. Zach Wager, Rebecca “Buzz” Wager, Eric “Zero” Bergen, Jason “Skorn” Moore, and Nick “Nix” Snyder. Donning the most gruesome apocalyptic gear known to man, created by SceneSick (custom trash for the lowest class), accompanied by the likes of Mothmeister, who’s known for some of the most horrific art displays on earth, travel the planet, hitting events like Wasteland Weekend, collecting bodies for the grinder.

I had the pleasure of meeting these fine human specimens at a ritualistic circus performance in Pittsburgh. Hambones, with local legends Only Flesh, and The Destruct Principle, who are regularly found raising spirits on the other side of Pennsylvania. And let me tell you, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in many years. Having the opportunity to hear several tracks from the new Bring Out Your Dead (to be released through Armalyte Industries early 2021) performed live, I’m honored to review this album. It’s gritty, grimy, blasphemous industrial, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Let’s chew on some of this meat, shall we?

Right from the beginning you can tell this is going to be dark, gruesome, and not for the faint of heart. Despite the fact that it was completed prior to our current state of world affairs, this album is chock full of reference to all of the things we are currently waging war against. With “Colors Under Attack”, we hear the struggles POC face, as well as the failures of the state. “Behold The Righteous Plague” comes on like an oracle, foreshadowing the virus we are fighting now. But the real gem of this album? “Sacred Disgrace” featuring Lulu Black on violins. It’s a beautiful song, and stands out from the rest of the album in so many ways.

If you like rockabilly, industrial, metal, insane costumes, and hellfire, then you’re sure to love Dead Animal Assembly Plant. Welcome to the Slaugherhouse.

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