Music ReviewsDanny Elfman returns in creepy style!!

Anthony McDonoughOctober 31, 2020

2020 has been a year of surprise releases, especially when it calls for it, and just in time for Halloween, Danny Elfman releases a surprise video for his single “Happy”. We been looking for an official theme song for the crapshoot of the year 2020, and it’s safe to say we found it.

Danny Elfman is no stranger to creepy aesthetics, and this is no different. Though it’s hard to pinpoint the most disturbing aspects of this video. It could be the creepy visuals, it could be how relevant the lyrics are to the existential dread we are all feeling, or it could be how difficult it is to get the song out of your head!!

As soon as I saw this, I just had to do a write up on it as it’s perfect for both Halloween and the current predicament we are in with the pandemic. Indeed, everything is crumbling as the lyrics state. We all feel we are going mad and this video is just part of the insanity that is our lives anymore.

You can download/stream the single here!