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Danko Jones-A Rock Supreme

Feel like a dose of nostalgia sprinkled with a refreshing take on your rock n’ roll? Look no further than Canadian rock trio Danko Jones‘ new album “A Rock Supreme“.

It’s easy to tell Danko Jones has been around the block for a minute (since ’96 to be exact). With a tight, punk infused sound ala Social Distortion, touches of retro rock flair (hey there JET and Wolfmother!!!) and infectious melodic tendencies……it doesn’t take long for the guys to suck you in for the ride. In a world of distress and turmoil, Danko offer an audio journey that’s reminds us of the good times even going through hell and high water.

“A Rock Supreme” delivers upon it’s title. From opening track “I’m in a Band” to closer “You Can’t Keep Us Down”, the band doesn’t let up til the end. Energetic riff packed anthems pound away and keep the party rocking from start to finish. Key cuts such as “You Got Today” and “Burn in Hell” fire away with swag and attitude like no one’s business, causing instant air guitar action and toe tapping. In tracks like “Fists Up High” and “Party”, we see Danko and company tone back the pace just enough to lock you deeper into their already captivating groove. Another highlight I feel is worthy of mention lies within the lyrical content. While not reinventing the wheel, the lyrics are a welcome change of pace within the rock world. Uplifting and anthemic at times and ready to party at others…..Danko Jones spends a good deal of time taking the listener to a brighter place and out of the muck.

Danko Jones really have a greatly crafted album in “A Rock Supreme” on their hands. With raw yet crisp and clear production, the band really drive it home on this album. If you are a music lover with a need for good vibes and good times, Danko Jones’ new album is the place to be……

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