Music ReviewsCthulhu Dreamt Rises from the Depths with a Precursor

Anthony McDonoughJanuary 24, 2023

I never thought the idea of Cthulhu metal would be a thing to exist, but Cthulhu Dreamt proved me wrong with that. They have had a couple releases now, but their latest EP Precursor is something special. As the name applies, it is a precursor for new sounds as well as a new ambitious project.

Containing 7 tracks, this album is definitely as eldritch as you would expect it to be. Containing lethal doses of metal, some tracks containing chanting and otherworldly instrumentals, this is an album that will appeal to those exploring the annals of obscure metal. Very atmospheric with vocals that go from soft to hard in a moment’s notice. As a huge fan of cosmic horror as well as Lovecraftian worlds, this album was right up my alley. And if Cthulhu Metal is not a thing yet, I would like to proclaim it exists now.

Out of the seven tracks, it was hard to choose a favorite, but if I had to choose I would go with Euclidean Fields, a dreamy metal song that really takes you in its themes. I will not hesitate to recommend this album, especially if those enjoy a sound that embraces something that goes beyond genres and pays tribute to the Elder Gods.

The EP was released on January 20th, and you can purchase your copy through various platforms here.

Now if you are wondering what this might be leading up to, Cthulhu Dreamt are currently working on a table top role playing game as well as the official soundtrack for that game. You can find out more information on the official website. Now that is pretty metal so if you enjoy the Cthulhu Mythos based tabletop rpgs, then you will definitely want to get on this action!

You can also discover more about Cthulhu Dreamt via Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

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