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Earl T. Pearl9 months ago4633 min

My first observation of Pittsburgh Crossover heavyweights, Crooked Cobras newest release: “Appetite for Distraction” was the eye catching and colorful album art, though, who isn’t a sucker for Reapers and hypnosis?

The opening track, “Dead Eye” strikes me as the quintessential thrash anthem, with their hard hitting dual guitars provided by frontman Ray Kolcun and guitarist Bill Jasper. The third track “Midnight Driver” with its early era punk opening bass line got my blood pumping and my body primed for the nearest circle pit. The speed and obscenity of the album’s fifth track, “ In Your Face” is reminiscent of early Metallica and subsequent Crossover bands of the 00’s era, while the lyrical content of tracks like “Yinzer Whore” and “Head Fuck” definitely prove themselves worthy amongst the rest of the album.

Their previous release, “Surf or Die” is very straight forward NYC punk circa 1981. Think Rollins- fronted Black Flag intelligence meets Dead Kennedy’s quirky yet powerful guitar riffage.

All in all, listening to  “Appetite for Distraction”  takes me back to a simpler time, A time of endless head banging, cut-off denim vests, and the stale kegger of PBR behind the old gas station that you and your buddies are gonna crack into this weekend. I give this album a solid 2 horns up and I wish Crooked Cobras the best in their future endeavors. Please take the time to check out these guys and all of their previous material on the bands Facebook page, or at https://crookedcobras.bandcamp.com/. I know I’ll be looking forward to their next live performance.


Earl T. Pearl

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