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Anthony McDonoughJanuary 25, 2023

The final weekend is going to be very strange and weird, but I don’t think we would expect any less in Pittsburgh. Let see what this list of oddities will be offering us.

Starting off, on Thursday January 26th, Steel City Destroyers presents a chaotic punk show at Porkys Bar and Grille in Etna, PA. Playing on this one will be The Havoc, The Parasitix, Middle Finger, and The Anti-Psychotics. Doors open at 6:30pm, and admission is $10. Come down and help cause a ruckus.

On Friday January 27th, Strangeways is back at one of their new homes known as Mixtape in Pittsburgh, PA for {the modern age} indie rock dance party. So for the past few weeks now, our friends over in Strangeway land have been becoming quite acquainted with their new venue. They had a number of soft openings and this is #6. Expect the same indie rock classics, expect the same shenanigans. It starts at 8pm and tickets are $10. It is highly recommend purchasing those in advance here as can’t guarantee your luck at the door.

On Saturday January 28th, World Oddities Expo 2023 at David L Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. The strip district is about get weird. As to what can expect, there will be the Lost Curio Marketplace full of vendors offering peculiar tastes, tattoos, workshops, guest speakers, musical performances, and more. You can get more information as well as buy tickets on the official website. It starts at 12pm, and word from the grapevine is that you might see a familiar face while on your travels there.

Also on Saturday January 28th, Once Nothing, Greywalker, Windchimes, and Casketmaker will be playing at Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh, PA. This will be to help celebrate the brewery’s new concoction Beyond All Porter which Greywalker collaborated in the creation of. It starts at 6pm and tickets are $6. You can purchase tickets here.

In addition, on Saturday January 28th, Dread Metal Productions presents Lake Erie Heavy Metal Sounds Summit at Philly on the Rocks in Erie, PA. Joining the summit will be Re$inate, Mala Sangre, Titrate The Terror, Massive Denial, and Requiem for Oblivion. Doors open at 7:30PM and admission is $7 at the door. Come down and prepare to get heavy!

Then on Saturday January 28th, Bonnie and The Mere Mortals will be hosting a live and unplugged album recording show at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA. They will be joined by fellow musicians such as Feralcat and much more. Come watch as a new album comes to life! It starts at 8pm and tickets run from $19.50 to $20. You can purchase tickets here.

Following that, on Saturday January 28th, STRANGEWAYS gives you a choice of two doors to chose from. You can either go to Babeways: A femme Dj Benefit For Reproductive Rights at Mixtape in Pittsburgh, PA. This is also #7 on the growing list of soft openings. It will be an intimate dance party celebrating femme artists It starts at 8pm and tickets are $10. Again, it is highly suggested to purchase tickets in advance here because no guarantee you can get in at the door. All proceeds will go to charity.

Or you can choose door number 2 and go to =Night Fever= vintage disco party at Belvedere’s Ultra Dive in Lawrenceville, PA. These tight cats are back to bring you gold crusted tracks for your evening! Dance and sweat all night, it starts at 9pm and admission is $7 before 10pm, $10 after. So two doors to chose from, or heck if you are crazy, you can choose both! Either way, it is guaranteed fun!

That ends our list of oddities to choose from, and you can’t say I did not warn you. But hey, maybe this is your chance to live a little and embrace the weird side of Pittsburgh. I did, and I am much happier for it. And it brings me more to offer to you the reader. Be sure to like and follow all pages mentioned, and as always, no matter what you decide to do, please be safe doing so!

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