ArticlesMusic ReviewsNews & OpinionCrash Army Liberates New Single, “Happy Never After”

Maria MichelleNovember 2, 2021

Crash Army, a local rock band, seems to be fresh to the Pittsburgh music scene. When I say fresh I mean I couldn’t find the individual names of these folks anywhere. Bandmates Corey Barr, Mike Dixson, and Josh Christner have been busy booking shows and are currently working on a second album and finding a record label. The band recently released “Happy Never After“, a single that reminds me of classic grunge, from their album Operation New Dawn.

The first beats and chords you hear of “Happy Never After” fill you with the energy of being abandoned on an island that’s infested with rock and roll and the outcasts. Then the breakdown starts with Corey thrashing the electric guitar, Mike steady on bass, and Josh hammering out a smooth transition that allows us to relate to the song’s melodious story.

Lyrically “Happy Never After” simply and outwardly conveys what existing in today’s society is like, all while experiencing mental illness. It’s like Corey climbed into my head and probed my brain. As someone whose been diagnosed with depression, PTSD, severe anxiety, ADHD, and more to come – I related to almost every word at some point in my life. I will be looking forward to hearing more of the musical liberations Crash Army releases.

The brain massaging record was quickly added to my liked playlist, along with a few other songs from the Operation New Dawn Album. The band’s sound is similar to a mix of Jimmy Eat World and The Offspring with a splash of Green Day. With the amount of work they are putting into this project, I think these artists are more than deserving of a record label deal. I believe Crash Army will not only become more prominent in the local music scene, but may even help save some of us that are lost in the mess of this world.