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Ravyn X3 weeks ago304 min

As I pull out of my driveway on a sunny June afternoon in my black and gold 1985 Camaro IROC-Z, T-top open, cruising down to the high school to grab my buddies for another Friday night back road party, case of Pabst Blue Ribbon on the passenger seat, and a pack of Marlboros in my t-shirt pocket, I grab my cassettes and pull out my favorite; Corners of Sanctuary: Heroes Never Die.

Coming in with their seventh album, Corners of Sanctuary‘s latest release from RFL Records defines itself as the “New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal”. Reminiscent of Heavy Metal classics like Quiet Riot, Judas Priest, and Queensryche; they stay true to to that Hard Rock sound that legends before them helped create.

Heroes Never Die has further cemented Corners of Sanctuary‘s classic style, while being a continuation of their last album, The Galloping Hordes. The theme of the album: war, as seen from a soldier’s perspective. Defined by Mick Michaels (guitars, keyboards, lyrics), this album is seen as a way to honor friends and family member’s who have served or are currently in service. For example the song “Combat Shock” (co-written by  Mad T) was inspired by WWII stories from his grandfather.

The persistent theme overall paints a picture of not just conflict in a military sense, but can also be interpreted in a more personal fashion. All throughout Heroes Never Die, it’s inspirational lyrical content can be seen as a way to address internal or personal challenges through self empowerment.

No matter what your musical preference is, one thing is for certain. Corners of Sanctuary‘s latest release through RFL Records conjures up an undeniable throw back classic Heavy Metal sound, while being a military tribute, all while driving you to be the best that you can be. And if that isn’t the best combination for anyone who remembers the classic metal we all knew and still to this day remember, then I don’t know what is.

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