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Patrick McElravy2 months ago2774 min

Discontent with the world around you? Feel like opening up a can of whoop ass? Well good news, Pittsburgh metal act Conflict Cycle have just the soundtrack for your pent up aggression. The kings of groove are back and have recently dropped their sophomore album Dark Days Ahead.

Mixing southern metal riffs and metalcore (think Hellyeah, Pantera, and He is Legend), Dark Days Ahead doesn’t stray far from the beaten path, but they keep you engaged for the ride and the blood pumping.

With crisp production and powerful songwriting, the band really has put out a great album. With an overall theme of discontent with the world and current events that weave in and out of the lyrics, the album really feels like a journey marching off to war. There is no such thing as show boating on the album either. Every member works together to bring the wall of crushing groove that they are known for and allow each other to shine. Vocals strong and at the forefront, the guitars trading off leads and riffs, the drums lay the  foundation for the band to stand upon…..giving you that thick wall of brutality. Something I was extremely pleased with was how the bass was emphasized for added punch and actually heard throughout the album……something that doesn’t happen alot in today’s world. Notable tracks like “Go Die” and “Beast” keep the aural onslaught going with precision, speed, and locked in groove that will have you circle pitting in your backyard and wanting more. The album’s title track is really where the band shines. Toning down the speed and building up a thunderous and caustic atmosphere that takes over you whole. Definitely a track I have had on repeat.

Overall Conflict Cycle have delivered a crushing and groovy album to add to their catalog. Be sure to keep tabs on them because these guys are going to make waves. Catch them at a show near you and connect with them on all of their social media platforms.

Patrick McElravy

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