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Darren Lewis10 months ago2123 min
  1. Steamy, funky, and anarchic were the operative words of the evening.

Whatever “stoner mountain metal” is, West Virginians Horseburner are churning out quite a tasty brew as evidenced by an impressive, late-night stand at Polish Hill’s Gooski’s. The smoky, humid environs only seemed to enhance the Kadavar/Mastodon/Thin Lizzy pyrotechnics that Horseburner, who were a runaway highlight last year’s Descendants of Crom festival, have a tyrefitter’s grip on. Riff after riff assailed the hazy gloom and left bangers, crust punks, and hipsters alike parched and spent.

Ohio’s Enhailer, also Descendants of Crom alumni, lit the pilot light while Pittsburgh upstarts Cold Mass extinguished it. Both bands had a sort of EYEHATEGOD-infected thrashy doom going for them, Enhailer even recalling local legends Dream Death in a minor way. Each played with wild, drum-driven abandon, mastering the controlled chaos that makes underground metal so special and hazardous, small stages and faulty equipment mattering none.

All three acts conspired to rattle awake the dead in an Old World neighborhood, flooding the heavy, damp air with a magnetic exorcism  that doesn’t kill superstition but rather gives it more life. You need to attend more gigs like this one, Shy Kennedy’s Blackseed Promotions and accompanying record label being more than worth your attention, and this was quite a showcase for such a vital local musical entity.


Darren Lewis

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