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Elizabeth AustinJuly 3, 2022
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I recently had a great opportunity to interview Nathaniel Rowe, also known as MadClock, an independent artist and producer near Erie, PA. We have known each other for almost three years. In that short time frame, he has been a great friend and a great mentor to my career path. He has introduced me to FAM (he is currently the Executive Manager) and gave me valuable advice along my journey. During that time, I have also become familiar with his artistry. MadClock incorporates unique blends and adds thought- provoking elements to each song. He shares his music style, impacts, advice, and more in the questions below.




What genres of music do you perform? I also see that you have your own studio and you play your guitar at times in music videos. Do you produce all of your music? What makes your music unique?

I perform a range of music from singer/songwriter or alternative folk rock, acoustic music, and all the way to metal. One of my main focuses is my brand of hardcore hip hop. I do produce all of my own music and track all my own instruments (guitar, drums, bass, vocals, piano, etc.). I think that plays a huge part in why it is so unique because it is all coming from one mind and one direction.



Who and what has influenced your musical career?

There have been a ton of influences from all genres across the board, which has helped my sound stay fresh and unique. They range from Bob Dylan and Jim Croce, to Slipknot and Tech N9ne, and just about everywhere in between. Dad raised me on classic rock and I found my own eclectic taste from there.



What draws your fans to your music?

I think what draws fans the most is my story and my intensity. I do everything with the maximum amount of energy that I can possibly give, and sometimes when there’s only 10 people in the crowd, it makes them feel part of a much larger experience. Anyone taking time out to watch me is worth that energy. I also have a very real aspect to my music. It is full of struggles and life lessons.



I have heard several of your songs (a couple of my all- time favorites is “Love, Kill, Repeat” ft. Faith Ann from The Volumes of Secrecy and “Time’s Up” from Times Up) and they seem to have powerful messages behind them. How has music impacted your well- being and what takeaway messages do you want your fans to receive from your music?

This music has helped keep me alive after recovering from drug addiction. On days when it hurts to keep awake, I fell hard into my music and used it as a blanket to keep me warm. I feel like the fans that search for the deeper meanings in songs can at least sense that urge in my music even hearing it in passing. I push a motto that I tie to my music that reflects that. Never. Ever. Quit.




What projects do you have in the future and what direction do you envision your music career going?

The future is unknown. I may want to venture into my next acoustic project called Murder Ballads Vol. 1, or I might just play shows this summer and explore more hip hop tracks that I have started. I do not envision or never have envisioned myself being major stage. My brand has not found its place on a bigger platform yet than what I can provide for myself, but it is never been about getting big. It is about survival. I would be lost without music.



What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

I push the same words of advice to anyone I see coming up in the scene that asks for it and that advice is to never quit. Not because you “might make it”, but because whether I realize it or not, when music is a part of you, you slightly change without it. It is always worth doing it.



What are some things that you enjoy doing on the side of your music career?

For side projects, I keep my hands in several cookie jars. I love modeling, working at First Angel Media, managing other artists, and mixing and mastering tracks for others. I also love working out, playing basketball, skateboarding, hiking, camping, and engaging in tons of outdoor stuff.




MadClock has grown his brand by doing live shows, featuring amazingly edgy DJ work from Andy Dabz and gracefully creative dance from Bella Rotten. He has also opened up for several other musicians and recently became the drummer for The Merrick Strain.  If you want to experience unforgettable alternative talent, be sure to book him for future tour dates! Also, be on the lookout for new merchandise from his online store. In the meantime, keep on pursuing your goals. As he says, “Never. Ever. Quit.”




Check out one of MadClock’s latest hits, “Hellfire” from Devils Never Cry.

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