Chip & the Charge Ups – A New Band for a Well Known Name!

Chip Dimonick has been part of the Pittsburgh music scene for going on his 3rd decade, and yes, he started when he was very young!

His latest campaign is with his new band Chip & the Charge Ups! You know that you’ve heard them, especially if you’re a fan of the WDVE Morning Show. The Morning Show does a segment with Pittsburgh Penguins legend Phil Borque called ‘Hockey Talk’, and the theme music is ‘The Ol’ 29er’, which was written by Chip himself, and was performed live on WDVE by the band! Check out how you can hear the music being released currently by Chip & the Charge Ups  before it goes public in September!

Chip has definitely left his impact on the local music scene, with his unique and ingenious mash-ups, which include Blondie & Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie & Led Zeppelin, and Marilyn Manson & Billy Joel! Check them out on Chip’s YouTube Channel to get a taste!

In the past, Chip Dimonick has been a several consecutive years winner for Best Punk Band in the Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards. This is what we have come to expect from Chip and I am sure that Chip & The Charge Ups will give us many more years of sublime entertainment.

There will be something for everyone! Yes, they get heavy! They are rockers after all! But there will be something for that punk fan in all of us. They have a song called ‘Front Row’, which they describe as ‘a Ramones-inspired anthem celebrating concert life!’. Find his new music 

And ‘if you’re struggling to overcome challenges to be the person you dream of being, “Shine Again” is the comeback anthem for you.’ Very mellow and very melodic, but very inspirational!

You can find Chip & The Charge Ups Online, on Facebook , and YouTubel!   

You have the opportunity to check them out live, as they have upcoming shows on July 13 at the Deutschtown Music Festival  (10pm @ Elks Lodge), and on August 26 they will be the opening band for Dee Snyder  at Jergels!

And what will surely take the ‘Burgh by storm, the Chip & The Charge Ups CD Release Party on September 15 at Black Forge Coffeehouse! First Angel Media’s very own Lady Jaye has also lent her voice for background for a song on the CD!

So remember where you read about Chip & The Charge Ups! Here at First Angel Media!

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  1. First Angel is starting to snowball in the Burgh. its the end of June people. The Article was well formed, factual,informative and inspiring of things to come.
    In other words,pretty Kool…

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