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Neil Donnelly6 months ago3105 min

On Friday, September 13th, Chicago-based progressive deathcore act Psithurism released a new single titled Bloodlust. While the track maintains the style I’ve come to expect from the band, there’s a bit more genre-fusion when compared to their self-titled EP from earlier this year.

The EP was filled with brutal, battering riffs, a mixed bag of bone-crushing screams from vocalist Matt Matigian, and ambient sections designed to build anticipation and anxiety. Bloodlust contains those same elements, but also weaves in elements that I can’t remember hearing on the first project.

Between bouts of heavy, chugging riffs from Daanish Rizwan and Mike Kidd, Caleb Hill’s jackhammering blast beats, and Bart Brylak’s bassline that rolls along underneath, are more melodic sections, as well as sporadic moments that were clearly influenced by nu metal. The riffs go from well-paced and weighty, to despairing and drawn out; the vocals change from wide-ranging screams to a clean yet distorted style that you might find on a Mudvayne album. Though the EP contained melodic instrumentals, this song brings more clean vocals than I can remember.

Lyrically, the song is a discussion on the landscape of contemporary politics. For example, the following lines refer to those who refuse to debate, as their disdain allows them to see only their side of an argument:

“Arrogance a remnant of your homicidal rage, another relic of your fantasy that justifies your ignorance.” Other areas talk about the fact that people often act paradoxically to what they say. Rather than working together and making peace as they claim they want to do, they work to corroborate their biases:

“Failure of a system that impedes a mental paradox, acceptance of an opposite that lingers as an afterthought.”

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this song. It is made up of components of the EP that are most memorable to me, and also adds new elements that I’d like to see more of in the future. I’m not making any predictions, but the last time Psithurism released a single, their EP arrived a month later. If and when it does show up in my timeline, I’ll be sure to check it out.

Bloodlust is available now on BandCamp and all streaming platforms. 

Neil Donnelly

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