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Patrick McElravy2 months ago914 min

Coming from across the pond in Germany, Caynug has recently dropped a mammoth of an album titled “Mental Junkyard”. With amazing production and stellar songwriting spanning across multiple genres, “Mental Junkyard” is another notch in the belt of an already excellent catalog for Caynug.

“Mental Junkyard” plays out like a soundtrack in the mind of the mentally unstable. The album is best served to be played from front to back to fully appreciate the journey. Ranging from the proggy-djent of bands like “Seven”, the alt metal flourishes of “10 Years”, to the post rock laden ambience throughout tracks, “Mental Junkyard” spans a vast variety of soundscapes. Even more impressive is the fact that this album was all written, recorded, and produced by one sole human being: Caynug brain child Dominik Kowalczyk.

With an album this dense and expansive, I’m going to hone in on 3 tracks that I feel best serve the vast aural assault of the album. “The Pillars” stomps and rages like a djent juggernaut. Low tuned guitars groove with dissonant, yet melodic keyboard work that shift and sway through varied time changes while keeping you moshing. “Let Me Burn” I feel is the unsung underdog of the album. Ambient guitar work mixed with beautifully haunting melodies really pave the way for a celestial and melancholy atmosphere. The vocals lay in the background almost acting like another instrument. With vocal lines that sway back and forth from melodic passages to emotional shreiks, you can hear Dominik really bare his soul on this track. The title track “Mental Junkyard” really does an excellent job of melding all sides of the album together. Excellent melodic and harsh vocals, crushing and ambient guitars, amazing bass grooves (good lord that bass tone is delicious), and overall great composition make this a definite stand out track.

“Mental Junkyard” is definitely a diamond in the rough of an already oversaturated metal scene.
Albums such as this come few and far in between. Destructive yet accessible, you would be doing yourself a major disservice to pass up on this album. Go grab a copy of “Mental Junkyard” if you are a music lover today……

Patrick McElravy

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