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NWOBHM Warhorses Cloven Hoof Engage In Ritual Combat At Cattivo (5/31/2019)

For forty years on, since the halcyon New Wave Of British Heavy Metal era, a movement that spawned only a handful of superstars, there has been a English-borne act plying their trade sporadically through touring or recording like errant paladins searching for honor more than fortune. They never reached the heights of Iron Maiden, Def […]

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Hessians Worship With Metal Church At Crafthouse Stage and Grill (5/13/2019)

Heads old and young were bobbing blissfully on a wet, unseasonably chilly Monday evening in Baldwin, a quiet Pittsburgh suburb, to the tunes of progressive, power, and thrash, Metal Church leading the brigade with their fusion of all. Ellwood City’s spray paint vandals Whitethrash cast the first rock with a sardonic and fun set of […]

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Caynug’s “Mental Junkyard” is a don’t miss!!

Coming from across the pond in Germany, Caynug has recently dropped a mammoth of an album titled “Mental Junkyard”. With amazing production and stellar songwriting spanning across multiple genres, “Mental Junkyard” is another notch in the belt of an already excellent catalog for Caynug. “Mental Junkyard” plays out like a soundtrack in the mind of […]