3 Questions and a Song #86

@harmonydreamers From Byron Lee Scott – I’ve always loved writing and recording songs, I have hundreds. This is my first album, a studio project. I like to focus on the contributions from others around the world, who changed my songs and the album. There are articles on our website which contain deeper, more elaborate reviews. Here is a description from our website. The first Harmony Dreamers album is an extraordinary group of musicians and singers...

the Pennsylvania Rock Show #632

www.facebook.com/Godhatesunicorns linktr.ee/godhatesunicorns linktr.ee/GodHatesUnicorns/ Vote: Best Unsigned Music Artist – citypaper.secondstreetapp.com/Best-of-Pittsburgh-2022/gallery/336003365 Vote: Best Local Album – citypaper.secondstreetapp.com/og/e5cc7788-1774-40c0-92c0-ab7740a07599/gallery/336238880 Cutting Edge *Award Winning* Pittsburgh Rock