3 Questions and a Song #103 with Negan/Upstage Music Fest

The Upstage Music Festival, began in August 2021, as a way to not only showcase regional and national talent but, more importantly showcase local talent. Every year we also choose local charities and non profits to raise funds. Last year’s was; The Clearfield Skate Park and Allegheny Spay and Neauter Clinic. This year, is Clearfield County Cancer support Group, Clearfield Volunteer Fire Department Station One and The Allegheny Spay and Neauter Clinic. The Upstage Music...

105 – 3 Questions and a Song with One Eye Daddys

Welcome to episode 105 of "3 Questions and a Song," where we’re thrilled to feature the One Eye Daddys, a dynamic trio with roots in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally active from 1994 to 2002, the band recently reunited in 2023, bringing a fresh wave of creativity to their signature sound. With new songs and renewed ambitions, the One Eye Daddys remain as vibrant as ever. Join us as we dive into a captivating conversation with the...

100 – 3 Questions and a Song Craig Veltri

To turn a phrase from his song “Home Out on the Shore,” Craig Veltri is a “country/urban hybrid” In August 2015, Veltri released his first full-length album, A Million Miles to Go. Mostly autobiographical, the entirely acoustic album is a surprisingly eclectic mix in musical styles while still maintaining a pointed and direct lyrical approach. In August 2020, Veltri released his first EP, Vagabond. Produced by former Charlie Daniels Band drummer, Jack Gavin, this EP...

99 – 3 Questions and a Song with Kilmaine Saints

Kilmaine Saints is a band formed on good whiskey and bad intentions. The brainchild of two members of a Harrisburg Pipe & Drum band, this project was originally created with the sole intent of getting them free beer at St. Patrick’s Day shows in the central PA area (and might I add- mission accomplished). After incorporating the help of fellow members from the pipe band and other notable musicians from the area, they soon realized...

97 – 3 Questions and a Song with Dragonfly Effect 1

www.buildthescene.com/ DRAGONFLY EFFECT, the band, materialized in 2021 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Integrating elements of punchy and heavy alternative rock with emotive vocal hooks and screams, along with heavy guitar riffs and breakdowns, DRAGONFLY EFFECT has developed a sound that transcends across many genres. Spacey synths, effects, and voices humanize the music giving it a life of its own that coincides with the dystopian backstory they have conjured. Visit www.dragonflyeffectband.com and join THE RESISTANCE.

#96 3 Questions and a Song

www.woodlandcreaturesband.com/ – Woodland Creatures is a six-piece Americana band based in Pittsburgh, Pa that believes everything is better with three-part harmony. Their original songs are carefully arranged to showcase the beauty and power of their harmonizing vocalists, and the virtuosic talent of their fiddle and lead guitarist. While their songs are influenced by a variety of musical genres, they are all tied together with rootsy vocals and unique instrumentation.

#94 3 Questions and a Song

Genre: Hard Rock Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US www.facebook.com/DrowntheDeep Drown the Deep is a female-fronted hard rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Taking inspiration from such world-class acts as The Pretty Reckless, Halestorm, Van Halen, and Godsmack they combine hard hitting beats, virtuoso riffs, and meaningful lyrics with their unique and commanding presence to produce a captivating, unforgettable show. Black Sun Drive, Drown the Deep’s debut studio album, will release April 7th 2023.