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Caleb Straus(ft Felicia Patterson) – Eclipse

Caleb Straus, the mastermind behind the band you may have heard of Emzy Enzy is a man of many hats. He has done some solo projects, and is currently working on a feature film Overnight. The film tells the story of doomed star-crossed lovers who go down dark paths and ultimately collide at The Overnight Hotel. He is also planning on releasing an official score from the movie, featuring collaborations from his band, as well as 9 Stitch Method, Seethe, Ritual of Ether, Madclock, Feast on the Fallen, Sam Astaroth, and many more.

To prepare us for what is to come, he released a new single called “Eclipse, and brought Felicia Patterson along for the ride. The song is different than what you are used to as it is has a style akin to synth pop. It is dancy and floaty as the crooning voice of Caleb Straus combined with the ethereal singing from Felicia, tells the tale of two lovers, the Sun and the Moon, who realize they are stronger by themselves as well as together. Just as it is when the eclipse occurs, one overshadows the other. When apart, they shine brighter. They need each other but at the same time, they can exist as their own entity. Ultimately, it makes their love more real as they each own their own truth. It is no coincidence that he chose the release the song on a day of an actual eclipse.

Here is what Caleb had to say about the single: “I wanted to present a love song that wasn’t based on co-dependence. So many love songs, especially ballads, come across as awfully toxic and attachment-based to me. This sentiment of ‘I can’t live without you. I am not whole without you’. I’m a child of the 80’s so I grew up being fed this nonsense from FM radio. The result is an entire generation of people who have been convinced they need romantic love to be fulfilled. These are two people who realize that isn’t true. They don’t need one another. They choose one another. And only after fully standing in their own power. Where are you going to find a love more real than that?”

The song is very much something you will find yourself moved to dance to, and is catchy as heck. As the chorus kicks in with both trading vocals, I found myself humming to the tune. I can see this being a hit in goth clubs as it has much that can be related to with having that beat that will get the crowd moving.

Here is the link for the song for you to check out for yourself.

The soundtrack for Overnight will be released on a new label known as Solunar Records and partnered with First Angel Media. You can also check the Facebook page.