InterviewsBrutal Winter 2020 Charity Stream

Ravyn XNovember 24, 2020

This past weekend we took time to attend an awesome charity event with Demo Demon of Brutal Business Entertainment for a 24 hour gaming stream event to help Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life. Lots of BBE artists and models came together to raise money for our local hospitals, as well as several close friends of the company. I decided I’d let Demo (Cody Howard) tell us a little bit more about the event himself.

Ravyn: What exactly is the Brutal Business Stream Team?

Demo: The BBE Stream Team is a group of streamers who cross promote with the main music & modeling section of Brutal Business. We have four members so far; Grumbleforce, PhatRolla, Wicket, and myself. We’re from Pennsylvania, Texas, and all the way to New Zealand.

Ravyn: Okay, and if I understand correctly you have been doing this charity event for about five years, and this is a twice a year event right? Can you tell us more about it?

Demo: The Extra Life Charity Stream was originally once a year, but as of 2020 we are now doing a Summer & Winter event. Everything donated to our team is sent to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help kids get treatment they need that can’t afford it.

Ravyn: So how did you get involved with Extra Life?

Demo: Every year I would watch a company called “Rooster Teeth” do it, and when I looked them up I found out anyone could sign up and help donate. As a life long gamer I wanted to use my love of gaming to help kids who need it.

Ravyn: That’s awesome, and a very noble cause. How would someone interested in being a part of your team become a member?

Demo: Every year when sign-ups start I always put “Brutal Business” as the team, and anyone can join us for free to help the team reach it’s goal all year round. We love accepting people and having help reaching our goal to make sure kids get what they need while being taken care of.

Ravyn: That’s pretty cool. And there are other teams that join this event right?

Demo: Yep! hundreds of them, and anyone can make a team to join in the charity.

Ravyn: So where would a team sign up to take part in the event?

Demo: has a search bar where you can look up Brutal Business and find our team.

Ravyn: Sweet! And when is the next charity stream event?

Demo: We’re planning for July 2021, just have to get a day down for it.

Ravyn: Well I had an awesome time at the last charity stream, hanging out with lots of people from the Brutal Business label. And people can just tune into the stream, watch all the craziness, see their favorite artists, and donate to Children’s Miracle Network right online correct?

Demo: Yeah, we host it on my Demo Demon channel on Twitch.

Ravyn: And you do so much more than just the stream team, you’re also an artist with BBE as Demo Demon. And if I’m not mistaken you do a whole lot more than that within the company right?

Demo: Yes, I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. I run the BBE website, handle merch, I do art, recording, mixing, mastering and more.

Ravyn: So if someone is looking for help with music, the stream team, or any other BBE related stuff, what’s the best way for them to contact you?

Demo:, I check it everyday for work.

Ravyn: Okay great, is there any other information you’d like to share?

Demo: Just about everything can be found on

The stream team has a discord at That’s where we post all our stream info.

The charity team link (Until the end of 2020) is

Ravyn: Thank you Demo Demon, we’re looking forward to covering the next Stream Team event! In the meantime, be sure to check out all the amazing artists and models listed below that helped make this happen!

Brutal Business Entertainment:
Demo Demon
Morbid Sikosis
Ghozt Tha Dmented

The Gruesome Gazette:
A.L. McDonough

The Babes of Brutal Business:
Cassandra Von Kreep
Bella Rotten
Crazie Kitty

(also in attendance, non-BBE)
Mama MadClock
Michaels Photography and Beauty