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Ravyn X1 month ago888 min

Look, we all know this year has hit everyone hard. There’s no denying that fact. But one record label has taken the pandemic to new heights – Brutal Business Entertainment. And to close out their year, they are dropping a compilation disc filled with some of the hardest hitting players in the game, crammed full of unlimited talent and tracks from some of their longest standing artists, as well as some fresh new talent they’ve added to the roster this year.

There’s no signs of a shut-down for the Brutal Business Entertainment label. Winter? Snow? This entire album scorches the planet with track after track of the hottest talent in the Pittsburgh area and beyond, melting your face off. Spanning multiple genres, with features from so many unexpected places. There’s something for everyone, no matter what style you listen to.

The cover art alone is enough to make you sweat. Brought to you by Roush Designs and starring Crazie Kitty, Bella Roʇʇen, Miss Red, and Cassandra Von Kreep, these Babes of Brutal Business Entertainment are obviously ready to bring it! Some of the sexiest ladies in the city, these girls have been incredibly busy this year bringing you the hottest photo sets imaginable, keeping you craving for more.

And that’s just the beginning! Running through the tracks, your brain will explode with the sheer magnitude of skull crushing beats and metal mayhem! We’ve got 9 Stitch Method, Karkizz, MadClock, Demo Demon, and JJ Hollow; followed by South of Clarity, Killa No1ze, Johnny Ghrymes, Ghozt Tha Dmented (ft. Kixx Wiccked and Grave-Bait), and Feast on the Fallen. Continuing on there’s Sevol (ft Killa No1ze), Morbid Sikosis (ft. Pvrvnnoyed), Skies of Terra, and Sic Fist (ft. Loke, Grew and KD). And closing out this brutality is Endbringer, Seethe, Lo, and Ben MC!

Now for the best news this year? This entire collection of killer music is available as a completely FREE download! Score a copy of Plague 2020 from Brutal Business Entertainment‘s bandcamp page, and let’s ring in the new year in the most brutal way possible and kick this plagues ass!

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