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Craig Ferry3 months ago524 min

Brad Abbott has been on the local western PA music scene for roughly ten years. I’ve had the opportunity to watch him perform the last three years at various music venues in the area. Upon hearing he was working on a new EP, I was excited to find out that the first song “Arson” was released.

Brad was inspired in his musical journey by music artists Neil Young, Elton John and rock band Augustana. While his musical influencers may have been these well-known performers, Brad has a style all his own.

This song is very relatable on a personal basis for most people. The lyrics of the song talk about the tragedy of losing friends. The question, “What’s the reason for it all?”, is something I know I’ve asked myself when this happens in my life. If you listen closely to all the lyrics you can sense the anguish that Brad must have felt when composing them.

The musical tempo fits in perfectly to the message of the song. Any other speed, and you wouldn’t experience the same emotional connection which punches you right in the gut. The guitar and keyboard tracks perfectly complement Brad’s vocals.

Back to my earlier comment on Brad’s style. He reminds me of a cross between Creed and Dave Matthews. No matter if you love or hate either of those bands, you have to appreciate what they brought to the music scene. The same thing applies to Brad Abbott’s Arson. No matter your musical preference, you can’t help but appreciate the creativity and raw emotional impact of this song.

Follow Brad to be informed when the rest of his songs are released for his new LP. Now more than ever supporting music artists is critical if we want the music scene to survive the blow COVID has dealt. Be sure to check out Brad’s new release on streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music. And if you’re local to the Western PA music scene, go check out his live performances when shows start to make their way back.

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