Event ReviewsDay 16,956… Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania 18th Annual Blues Challenge

Blues Society of Western PennsylvaniaDay 16,956: Ever have one of those days that just slogs on and takes forever. One of those days that is just one of the many that you’ve lived?

Sorry Limp Bizkit, but this was not one of those days.

9:35 am: I started my journey out and headed to Music from the 412‘s Studio at Western Pennsylvania Musicians Guild to meet the owner of Music from the 412, Rocky.

10:25 am: I arrived at the studio and Rocky and I began trouble shooting an issue with live DJing for Music from the 412 Radio.

12:30 pm: Rocky and I arrived early at the Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania‘s 18th Annual Blues Challenge. We were there to spread the word about how Music from the 412 and Build the Scene were supporting the local scene.

If you are not familiar with the Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania, here is their mission statement:

The Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania (BSWPA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide for the preservation, promotion, appreciation and enhancement of Blues Music.  This popular American genre has influenced music and musicians on a global level.  Everyone knows what it means to have “The Blues,” and its contribution to contemporary culture cannot be over-estimated.  There are Blues Societies through the world dedicated to preserving this uniquely American contribution to Music.  The BSWPA has the privilege of carrying on this work in your region.

2:00 – 7:00 pm: An announcement was made about some adjustments to the schedule and things got underway. We saw performances in two categories: Solo/Duo and Band. There was also an award for best guitarist, named after former president Jim Weber. Throughout the performances, I kept telling Rocky that I was very glad that I didn’t have to judge this competition because the talent performing on that stage was astounding throughout the event. We saw performances by:

7:30 pm: Awards:

Jim Weber Memorial Award: Joseph Riskosky of The Bail Jumpers
Winning Solo/Duo: Bay Allen
Winning Band: The Bail Jumpers

What’s next? The winners will represent BSWPA during the International Blues Challenge in Mephis, TN next January.

8:00-9:00 pm: The drive home… this was a very productive and enjoyable day. We got the word out about Music from the 412 and Build the Scene and got to witness some amazing blues acts. If you’re into the blues, there are quite a few more BWSPA sponsored events to check out in the near future.

Want a more visual and aural insight into the event? Check out the Backstage Pass: S1:E5 on Music from the 412.

Day 16,957: Bill takes a trip to 97.7 The Rock Station’s The Grass Roots Show, but that’s a story for another day (you know.. May 7, 2023 at 7:00pm).