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Blood of the Beloved and The Death of Zenith, a grunge-metal collaboration that’ll leave you “Haunted”

Blood of the Beloved has released its latest brain-shocking, grunge track featuring The Death of Zenith on April 29. “Haunted” is another addition to the various genres that the group has explored through its singles and band features in other works. 

Members of Blood of the Beloved from the title track Haunted

Blood of the Beloved

A dark, soul-searching vibrato is accompanied by weighty instrumentals and horror-esque synths in this five-minute song. It gives listeners a fresh look at how Blood of the Beloved can conquer any style of the band’s choosing. The band has experimented with many types of tunes but may have found their niche in hard rock.

The vocals on “Haunted” carry their own haunting value, often with deep-toned, grunge-like verses that turn into powerful choruses that pop out as if they’re a jump-scare in a horror movie. Even better than the melodic vocals are the added screams throughout that remind the listener of industrial metal influences. These screams are what stitch each verse, chorus, and bridge together to help the song reach a blended conclusion towards the end that fades out with complementing metal guitar riffs. 

The Death of Zenith memeber Caleb Straus from the track Haunted

The Death of Zenith

The singing on the track is accompanied by The Death of Zenith who adds a true, hard-rock tone to the vocals. The Death of Zenith creates a perfect companion to Blood of the Beloved and it’s to be noted how well these two bounce off of each other. It’s easy to tell within a short listen to the song, the two projects have found their zen in working together and this only lends to the success of the song.

While the vocal track is outstanding, it’s not the only part of the song that should be recognized. The instrumentals on “Haunted” are what tie everything together with a bow. You’ll find a chorus of guitar riffs that light up the dark spots on this song as well as hard-core drum hits, melodic bass, and stirring synths. All of these elements are evocative on their open but when it’s all put together it tugs directly at the heart of the listener. In fact, the synths even hypnotize the listener with foggy and unnerving tones.

Blood of the Beloved and The Death of Zenith have put together a distinctive track that takes from a number of genres to create something for everyone. No matter what type of rock may interest you, you’ll find it right here in “Haunted,” a truly expressive song that’ll leave you mourning for more.